dissabte, 11 de juny de 2011

But climb

We want no dead weights on this expedition,
no credulous Charlies and no nervous Nellies.
Though not as hazardous as in the past
the intellectual skulls you see down there
all fell from this arête. So use some care-
look out and in, don't try to go too fast,
but climb, Goddamit, don't crawl on your bellies.

The particle physicist and the mathematician
I'll take. They're crazy, but they watch their feet.
I'll take one mystic -no, not you, Ouspensky,
nor you, Teilhard. You've got no head for heights.
What do you say, Sherpa? Very well, we'll take
two at the most -Eckhard and William Blake,
and watch it, you two -no religious fights.
I need a brain man, too (he's got the map
and the theodolite). You others, don't
for Christ's sake hold us up with poking for
the Absolute and Transcendent (you'll see plenty
of that keeping the rope taut, eyes front)
or any other Rosicrucian crap.
People who play games on this pass
end on a slab with parsley up their ass:
that was what put paid to those skulls down there.

Remember you've two feet, one left one right.
Now, if you're ready, we'll leave at zero twenty
that is, unless are more fool suggestions.
The sherpa's name is Mi Pham. He's our guide.
Now, get those bloody packs on. Any questions?

Alex Comfort, "We want no dead weights on this expedition"

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